Meet Rachael…

Aroma DIY and Cherish Life Director & Qualified Aromatherapist

I began my essential oil journey as the mum of a young child, who had health issues resulting from environmental poisoning while we were living overseas.

After months of feeling inadequate and uncertain as her little body was pumped full of drugs, I began my own research in how I could best help her and therefore became  passionate about natural solutions.

I hated the idea of her taking prescription medication and filling her little body with toxins and all the side-affects that came with that.  We were able to naturally detox her, rebuild her immune system and help her to became one of the healthiest students in her class.

At this time I found it very difficult to purchase essential oil accessories here in New Zealand and was having to buy most products from overseas stores.  Shipping usually was more than the cost of the items I was purchasing.  So I began to import bottles, containers, diffusers etc and thus begun the online store originally known as Cherish Life – now operating under Aroma DIY.

As I wanted to share my knowledge and help those in our community who were also suffering, I studied Aromatherapy and received my Aroma Science Qualification.

Just as I qualified,  my own fatigue symptoms became worse, my brain began to shut down, I could not sleep, everything hurt  and I began to have difficulty walking,  After months of testing,  I was  diagnosed with a chronic  degenerating auto immune disease known as Lymes.

My knowledge of essential oils, and natural health care, along with working along side my own Holistic Health Practioneer, has enabled me to detox many symptoms out of my body, kill off the Lyme Bacteria, improve my brain function and be able to walk once again without the aid of a walking stick.

During our holistic journey to health, I  am constantly discovering not only the best holistic health remedies for us, but I am also passionate about helping others as well.

Contact me at  rachael@cherishlife.co.nz or call 021 996 393.

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