Essential oils

Essential oils, discover their power!

Essential oils can provide a range of therapeutic benefits.  These are usually achieved through methods including:

  • Inhalation.
  • Aromatherapy
  • Application of the diluted oil to the skin.

As the mum of a four year old, I am passionate about natural solutions.  I don’t like the idea of my daughter taking prescription medication and filling her little body with toxins.

During my wellness journey, I am constantly searching for new products.

I am passionate about finding the best holistic, health remedies, for myself, my family and clients.

You might wish to consider arranging a Wellness Consultation. This can provide you with a launching point for making positive change on your journey to the level of health you desire.

A Wellness Consultation  is particularly useful, if you are really ready to work on yourself, including your emotions which can be the trigger point for most health and wellness concerns.

A Wellness Consultation will be performed in our clinic in Otumoetai. Some after hour appointments are available and if you are unable to attend the clinic, other options can be discussed.

 Wellness Consultations are $35 each and take approximately 30 minutes, I offer advice, guidance, a plan and positive support. Contact Rachael on 07 544 4200 to make your appointment.

Cherish Life – Essential Oils For Holistic Health. To discover more call us on 07 544 4200

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