Wow! From Lietta

Wow! And that doesn’t even cover it all.

I went to Rachael of Cherish Life to have a scan as I was at the tail end of flu and tummy bugs, low in energy and feeling blah. I had my scan and was pleasantly surprised I was in better shape than I thought from my self-care at home and just needed tweaking. I stocked up on my supplies and then had my 8 essential oils massage.

I have to say I was at a couple of stages hoping the movement going on inside of me didn’t come up at that time. It was amazing feeling the things going on inside my body…. I thought I would be going home to bed, instead I bounced into work and ploughed through my list, had the best sleep and flying through today with hardly a cough left or tummy upset.

I’m booked for my next massage already. Thank you Rachael I love your products and how you create the healing supports I need for my body, mind and emotions

😉 ~ Lietta Erni

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