Welcome to Aroma DIY


Here at Aroma DIY, you will find a range of the latest accessories you will need to maximise the benefits you will receive from using natural essential oils.

We stock a large range of containers suitable for making your own roller blends, spray blends, household products etc.

Our diffuser range will help you find the diffuser that best supports your needs, whether it be for the living room, by your bed, during travel or on the go.

Our resources will help you find the ideal solutions, recommendations and recipes for your every need in using essential oils in your daily life.

Aroma DIY is passionate about the environment so we minimise as much as possible the use of plastics in our packaging. We will however re-use packaging that has been sent to us and re-use  as many cartons as possible to keep your products safe in transit.

We invite you to browse our online store, where you can enjoy looking over our range of  accessories. We also stock a fabulous range of family health essential oils

Discover the power of what natural essential oils can do for you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Using a wide range of high quality, therapeutic, natural essential oils, you can support and maintain good health…the natural way. Whether you’re feeling tired, stressed, unwell or simply looking to prevent ill health, our Cherish Life range can help you.

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