Going Zero Waste……

Going Zero Waste……

I don’t think we can actually go completely zero waste, but if we all just do the best we can, a whole lot of people making small changes can add up to a massive impact.

Our household is making steps toward making less waste.

As we proceed to make changes we will provide links for you to our products. Our goal is to provide eco friendly biodegradable and compostable products at affordable prices.

We have started our journey in our bathroom, so far we have changed to bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo hair brushes, available in 3 sizes (you can check out the whole range here). Bamboo combs, herbal soaps and Himalayan salt deodorant bar we have also been making our own shampoo bars, along with soft soap, body wash using our glass pump bottles available here in amber or blue, 250ml or 500ml.

Wheat Straw disposable -compostable- razors (check out our about wheat straw on our blog) and our rechargeable hair/beard trimmer.

And not to forget our furry friends we also stock pet soap and compostable poop bags.

For convenience we have the zero waste bathroom basket – great gift or starter pack.

Coming Soon: zero waste kitchen basket starter pack.

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