Natural Body Spray


Natural Body Spray – 100 mls

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Natural Body Spray. Choose from Bohemian, Citrus, Yummy or Spicy

This essential oil spray allows you to surround yourself with nature’s subtle fragrances throughout the day. Use this mist on your hair, skin, or home/office environment.

Bohemian: A natural earthy blend with Patchouli

Yummy: A touch of sweetness with Vanilla and Clove

Citrus: A fresh summery blend with Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Lime

Spicy: Sweet and spicy mix of Cinnamon, Orange and Ylang Ylang

External use only. Shake well before use. 100ml Glass bottle (random colour of blue or amber.)

Please check our terms and conditions page for health and safety information.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch hazel,  Fractionated coconut oil, and  Essential Oils.



Bohemian, Citrus, Spicy, Yummy

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