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Discover over 400+ natural remedies to common conditions and take control of your health!




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Essential Oils Simplified Booklet begins by defining what essential oils are, how they are extracted, and why you should use 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils. It goes on to address how to apply essential oils with appropriate safety precautions. Then it provides a suggested daily regimen for adults, children, and babies, along with various antidotes. It also presents over 400 natural remedies to common conditions, as well as common household uses and ideas. Finally, this booklet includes a dictionary of single oils and blends that lists recommended application methods and health conditions for each.

Publication: 2015.

Pages: 61.

Dimensions: 12cm wide x 12cm tall.


What are Essential Oils?
Extraction Methods
100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade
Where do I Begin?
Uses and Safety
Terms Used in This Book
Suggested Daily Regimen
Natural Remedies to Common Conditions
Household Uses and Ideas
Essential Oil Dictionary


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