10ml Frosted Glass Bottles with Gold Caps 4 Pack


Frosted Glass with Steel Rollerball – pack of 4



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10ml Frosted Glass Bottles with Gold Caps 4 Pack

Steel Roller Ball and Gold Cap

These high quality, Frosted Glass Roll-on bottles with stainless steel roller balls are perfect for use with essential oils, perfume oils, and other liquids. Snap in the roller-ball by gently placing the roller-ball in the bottle and then firmly tighten the cap until the roller-ball snaps in.

Use the roll-on bottle to apply the perfect amount of product each time.

The beautiful, Frosted glass provides protection from potentially harmful light and the convenient size makes it perfect for travel.

10ml Essential Oil Glass Container, Perfume Bottle

Want to remove the roller-ball and refill the bottle?  Use our essential oil keys – Plastic or metal options!


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